118mm x 86mm x 25mm


2600 mAh

Lightning and Micro-USB

*Viele Smartphones sind bereits für das kabellose Aufladen von Werk aus vorbereitet. Hier kannst du nachsehen, ob dein Smartphone dabei ist. Sollte es nicht dabei sein,  kannst du dein Smartphone mit unseren Zubehör komfortabel um die Funktion erweitern – egal ob Lightning- oder Micro-USB- Anschluss.




Tangling cables can be confusing. Poqit is regardless of location, whether you are on the road, at home, at work or even in your bag. With our unique wallet, charge your smartphone at a breeze. It has an internal battery that supplies your mobile phone with the necessary energy by simply placing a smartphone on it. The whole thing is done wirelessly.

With the latest charging technology, both the smartphone and poqit can be self-loaded wirelessly. This makes handling very comfortable and convenient. No more tangled cables, no more nodes and no frantic search for the next outlet.


Poqit uses only vegetable tanned leather. This leather is tanned with ingredients of rhubarb root, and thus does not contain chromium salts nor pollutants or heavy metals. This makes it particularly skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. The gentle tanning gives a unique pleasant feel and high durability.

The leather has been awarded the ECARF Quality Seal of the European Centre for Allergy Research and is produced under the strict guidelines of the International Association of Natural Textile Industry (IVN).

This means among other things needed from the cattle such as the meat, the hides are kept exclusively in Germany. The tannin , rhubarb root , is a growing commodity in Germany and by the exceptional processing by German companies we are proud to say , our leather is 100% Made in Germany .


It’s not even noon and your smartphone has already run out of juice? Or did you forget to charge it overnight? You do not have your charging cable? Or perhaps there is no power source in your reach. That is no problem, we have the solution because with poqit you have your emergency battery always with you on the go.

The small power plant sits discreetly and securely in your wallet. With a battery capacity of 2600mAh, poqit provides enough energy to fully load, for example, an iPhone 6 to 100%. To charge poqit simply put it on the supplied base station.


We love good design. For this reason, the design process took poqit quite some time to come up with a distinctive shape. After numerous surveys, drawings, patterns, prototypes and coffee, we came to a conclusion on the wallet structure. Deciding on wallet designs and shapes are not mere decisions, it requires some careful considerations to come up a unique figure that serves the purpose.

To create our most efficient design, over 30 different items were needed to furnish only the leather and textile parts of poqit. Since poqit consist of not only leather, other parts such as the inner fabric was selected carefully without compromising on quality. was supported by Berlin’s expert leather manufactures, enabling us not only to incorporate an innovative idea and design but also many years of real leather know-how. The result is an awesome practical everyday helper in a classical elegant style.


Do not worry, your data is safe, because safety is paramount at poqit.

For several years now, most of our identity cards, passports, credit cards have been integrated with RFID chips. These chips contain information about our personal data and fingerprints. In the worst case, this information can be wirelessly read out unnoticed by radio over greater distances or even manipulated (RFID skimming).

The sewn-in protector layer of poqit prevents RFID skimming and protects all your personal information against unauthorized access. With poqit your cashless shopping continue without hesitation.


Did you ever experience this? You are under time pressure and are about to leave home, by checking again whether you have all the important stuff, you notice that your wallet is not there?

Poqit has an intelligent technology that allows your smartphone to track your wallet. With the help of the poqit app, the proximity and location of your wallet is displayed on your smartphone. The time-consuming and tedious search is thus history.

It also works the other way around. Should you mislay your mobile phone, all you do is a short tap on your wallet and your phone starts to ring. And should you leave poqit somewhere, you get an instant message to your smartphone .Thus poqit never leaves your side and it’s impossible to lose .