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We are about to simplify your everyday life by introducing our new smart charging wallet that fits right into your pocket. By combining design with the newest charging technology, you can say goodbye to battery problems and cable clutter.

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poqit – the smart charging wallet


Awesome leather

We only use natural tanned leather for poqit. This kind of leather is tanned with the root of the pie plant, so you don’t need to worry about chromium salts, heavy metals or other contaminants.

Another big plus of the skin-friendly tanning process is the pleasant look and feel of the leather. Our leather is certified by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation and follows the strict guidelines of the International Association of Natural Textile Industry. Therefore we only use leather, which is a residue of the meat industry.

Also the tanning agent, made out of the pie plant root, grows and is processed in Germany. As a result we can proudly say: the leather is Made in Germany

Built-in battery

Your Smartphone battery drops dead at noon? Did you forget to charge it at night? You didn’t carry a charging cable and there is also no power supply near you?

No problem, because with poqit you always carry your emergency battery pack. This tiny powerplant, which is safely integrated in your wallet is barely noticeable. With a capacity of 2000mAh, poqit has enough power to charge the iPhone 6 to a 100%.

But there is more: We work hard to simplify the charging process – we try to make it as comfortable as possible for you. Soon we will provide more information about how we will achieve it. Stay tuned…

Fashionable design

We love good design. That is why the design process took a long time. After numerous surveys, sketches, sewing patterns, prototypes and coffee we finally did it. The body and design of the wallet is done.

Whoever thinks the development of a wallet is easy as pie, is wrong. Solely for our leather and fabric part of the wallet, we needed over 30 individual parts. Since poqit is not only a pure leather product, we chose all the other materials such as the inside fabric thoroughly with a special focus on a high quality.

We were supported throughout the whole design process by a manufactory based in Berlin. That means not only innovative ideas, but also years of experiences from real leather experts merge into one product. The result: A fashionable, though classical designed wallet. 

Wireless charging

Whether on the road, in your pocket, at home or at work. Cable clutter is annoying. With the help of poqit, charging your smartphone is easy as pie. It has an integrated battery, which charges your smartphone by simply placing it on the wallet.

The whole thing works wireless. With the latest charging technology, your smartphone and poqit can be charged wirelessly and makes it  even more comfy.

No more cable clutter in your bag, no more knots to unravel and no frantic search for the next socket. 

Mobile app

Picture that: You are in a hurry and need to leave your home quickly. By checking if you are fully equipped for the day, you notice that your wallet is missing.

Poqit is using a smart technology that helps you to find your wallet fast and easy. How? The poqit-app shows you the exact distance between your phone and your wallet. Say good-bye to time-consuming wallet hunts!

The whole thing also works vice-versa. If you forgot where you put your phone, simply tap on poqit and your phone will start ringing.

If you ever leave your poqit behind, you immediately will receive a notification on your smartphone. That means, poqit never leaves your side and you can’t ever lose your wallet.

Smartphone and wallet
– a dream team. Who would’ve thought that?

Card protection

Don’t worry credit cards and other magnetic cards are safe, no matter how many cards you carry. Meaning, there is no struggle with erased debit or credit cards if you need to pay for your groceries.

But there is more. Nowadays all different kind of cards we own such as id-cards, passports and credit cards are equipped with RFID tags. Those tags contain some of our personal data and sometimes even our fingerprints. This sensitive data, could be readout or even manipulated – all undetected (RFID-Skimming).

We prevent the RFID-Skimming and protect all of your personal data from unwanted access by a third party.

Shopping with no worries thanks to poqit!

Martin – Marko – Timo

Currently we are working hard to launch products to simplify your everyday life.
In detail, we want to fight the battery struggle you are exposed to during your day. How? We are creating Fashion-Electronics
that are designed to last.

Say good bye to cable-clutter, low smartphone batteries and  the feeling of forgetting to charge your device.

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